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Top Coinbase Alternatives for Cryptocurrency Transactions

Cryptocurrencies have soared to fame of late with their decentralized and somewhat controversial nature promising to propel the numbers even higher during the years to come. In light of the ever-growing number of people looking to buy and sell these digital assets, exchanges are becoming increasingly sought after. Coinbase has emerged as the leader in this realm, but it has its limitations. If you’re among the masses looking for suitable coinbase alternatives, plenty of options are at your disposal.


Based in the United States, Gemini fosters Bitcoin and Ethereum sales and purchases via wire transfer across most of North America as well as the UK, South Korea, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico. Though wire transfer fees don’t apply to transactions made through this exchange, standard currency conversion charges are in place. As a licensed and regulated institution, Gemini follows a number of security measures.

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Serving more than 180 countries, Coinmama supports Visa and MasterCard transactions revolving around Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ada, LiteCoin and Ethereum among others. Since its launch back in 2013, this exchange has become one of the most trusted coinbase alternatives in the cryptocurrency arena. Transactions come with a 5 percent fee as well as conversion charges.

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Finland-based LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer exchange known for upholding the decentralized spirit of the cryptocurrency world. Transactions via this marketplace may be made using PayPal, wire transfers or the Single Euro Payments Arena with fees set by buyers and sellers. Exchanges are carried out offline with LocalBitcoins serving as an intermediary.


CEX offers more widespread coverage than certain other crypto exchanges and allows for transactions in pounds, euros, rubles and US dollars. This platform also deals in several different types of cryptocurrencies, including Ripple and Ethereum as well as Bitcoin and its derivatives. With low fees and a user-friendly setup, it’s geared toward a wide range of buying, selling and trading needs.


Covering upwards of 100 of the cryptocurrencies now circulating, Changelly actually got its start in the mining segment of the crypto market. This exchange has been described as one of the simplest to operate and can be used across the globe. Visa and MasterCard transactions are supported, both of which come with a 0.5 percent transaction fee as well as additional charges set forth by the exchange and its payment platform.

Each of these coinbase alternatives has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Changelly offers a broader range of cryptocurrency transactions to choose from but also comes with higher fees than some of its counterparts. Gemini users enjoy less lofty transaction charges but are restricted to a more limited selection of cryptocurrencies. CEX operates on a more global scale whereas LocalBitcoins adheres to the original decentralized basis of the crypto phenomenon. If you’re looking to overcome Coinbase’s current restrictions, one of these is likely to meet your needs.

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