Coinmama Review Is The Every-Man’s Crypto-Broker

One way to tell about a website is to look at its blog page. There you find the writing that represents the company, its views, where it stands in their field and, most importantly, the people they want to reach.

For, the blogs are aimed at the novice crypto-investor. The blog page has titles like “10 Reasons to Buy Bitcoin in 2020” and “10 Moments That Defined Crypro in 2019,” stories aimed at those new to the crypto-game. Many of the stories open with statements like Bitcoin is “changing the world” and using terms like “Bitcoin believer” to add a dash of hyperbole to the company’s online image as well as lure potential clients.

Blogs are aimed at the average person. For instance, many introduce the reader to the “money of the future” as well as ways to spend that money. Take a look “6 Gifts You Can Buy With Bitcoin This Holiday.” The blog “scoured the internet” to develop a list of companies that accept Bitcoin to pay for gifts. It points to online outlets like and Reeds Jewelers to a small Utah honey producer called Bee Brothers — all vendors who aim their products at the average consumer. Other blogs introduce potential crypto-investors to the game and say that, among other things, Bitcoin adoption is still in its early stages and the crypto-universe has staying power.

The home page of offers several ways for potential clients to get their Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple or other cryptocurrencies. This includes using credit cards to buy as much coin as desired. In fact, the website home page says allows for “high spending limits.” On the bottom of the web page is a calculator that says how much Bitcoin a client gets for the amount they want to spend as well as a feature that lets a visitor choose the type of hard currency they want to use.

The site also has a dropdown menu on the first page labeled “buy.” There an individual can choose from a handful cryptocurrencies in a manner that seems quite simple. You choose, pay “with just a few clicks”, and it’s yours.