Gemini Review

Three Website Features Of
You can learn more about your website and business by looking at other websites. For example, uses some powerful website features that improve the experience for visitors. Let’s look at the top three features that uses so that you can improve your own website.

Text the App to Visitors

Some people struggle with modern technology, especially when it comes to phones. They may not know how to navigate online stores to download apps, so Gemini uses a workaround for this. You enter your phone number online and they text you the app.

This makes things easier for people so that they don’t have to navigate app stores to find it. This makes the download process quicker and easier for the visitor.

Drop-down Menus

Many websites provide drop-down menus that reveal themselves when you scroll over them. However, this can unintentionally block the view for visitors and irritate them. To fix this, Gemini uses a drop-down menu that appears when you click on it. This also keeps it up until you close the menu.

For most websites, you have to scroll over the drop-down menu and keep your cursor inside of it to use it. With Gemini’s approach, you can save your visitors from trouble and annoyance by giving them straight forward menus.

Left Side Table of Contents

Gemini provides its visitors with a left side table of contents. You click on what you want, and it automatically scrolls down to that portion of the web page. This makes it easy for you to access the part of the page that you want.

Not only that, but it constantly floats on the left side so that it never disappears. This allows people to instantly access whatever information that they need in a straight forward manner.


Whether or not you support the website itself, utilizes website features to make the experience better for its visitors. As you look over these points and keep them in mind, you can improve your website and work towards a stronger business.